This new, unique and very special service launched on the 1st March 2016.

It offers YOU the chance to star in your very own completely original story.

Whether fictional or factual, YOU will be able to feature in a story created by one or more of the professional writing team- and YOU will be able to tell us how you want the story to pan out or what you want us to record for you.

Starting at just £150 Once Upon a Lifetime is offering you a unique and dedicated chance to have your story told and even to appear on the Amazon bookshelves or your own coffee table.

Whatever choice you make it will be a truly unique work. It will be YOURS to keep, to share, to enjoy and to treasure.

Check out this new offer on the Services page right here on the John Money Writes website 

2019 will start with excitement and is planned to be full of a lot more of the same.

In late January the first of the Black Looks series of novels, The Dark Side, featuring Franklin Richardson and Bill Taylor (not to ever forget Dot Kom) will be published. It follows the often-hapless trio as they are drawn into the tunnels beneath London and learn far more than they ever wished to know. The big question, though, is will a modern-day Guy Fawkes be more successful this time?

And The Dark Side marks the debut of a new publisher, Regency Rainbow - who will also be re-publishing a number of titles for their first two authors - myself and Georgina Hawes.

Watch this space, as they say....

And true to their word, The Diary of Horace Wilt has now been repackaged, re-edited, re-covered and - most important of all - republished!

Once Upon a Lifetime

New Novel, New Publisher

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