Once the new service, Once Upon a Lifetime, launches on the 1st March 2016, I will become we. Don't fret - my personality won't be splitting any more than it already has - but the new service will need a writing team.

All projects undertaken as part of the service will be assigned to one individual, but that will depend on the content-type selected and the availability of the team members.As a result, the team building has begun with a mix of experienced writers and simply the very good ones regardless of their publishing backgrounds.

I will be heading up the service but more from a 'someone has to do it' perspective rather than any reference to writing abilities.

On this page I will therefore be listing brief profiles of the team members as they join forces.

Georgina Hawes

Our first team member is Georgie. Like myself she is recently published for the first time, but unlike me her stories are very much of the 'adult' variety. She considers herself a 'normal enough thirty-something' but the feedback for her stories indicate that her abilities with the pen (keyboard) are anything but 'normal enough'. She has a penchant for the story itself and colours her works with memorable characters, mostly written in a very believable first-person voice.

Sara Avila

Sara is the latest member of the team, a poet and writer of long standing (and I won’t mention her height in that sentence), who takes a quirky, light view of the world – and worlds – she writes about. That’s not to say that her stories are without a depth of emotion and imagination because her tales can leave a reader breathless. Her yarns can also be gritty and realistic, but whatever the approach, they never fail to entertain. Oh, and she's a mean proof-reader as well - which is just as well given my own typing excursions.

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The New Service and The Team

Savouring the power of the written word - and writing a few of my own