Savouring the power of the written word - and writing a few of my own

We are certain that Fact and Fiction could also be combined for the more romantic of you and blended to create a tailor made Love Story which you could present to your Loved one as a truly unique Marriage Proposal, an Anniversary Present, or Birthday or Christmas Gift.

You could choose to play the part of the fairy-tale prince rescuing his beautiful princess from the clutches of an evil wizard – or maybe a Lara Croft-type action woman, fighting demons, spies, etc. in a bid to save the man or woman of her dreams... the scenarios are endless and could very easily end with an extremely unique and personal Marriage Proposal or Present for your loved one.

Okay, so it's not as showy as hiring a skywriter to emblazon your message in purple smoke for all the world to see! But this would be a far more intimate and heartfelt way of showing your love for that special someone and unlike smoke letters across the sky, would be a far more permanent record of that momentous occasion.

Very Special Events a Perfect and Unique Gift