Once Upon a Lifetime

For Fiction or Fact - from just £150


Writing – and life – is made up of poignant and important moments that can be entirely factual events such as weddings or childbirth, through to hours spent reading of heroes or heroines, fools or wise men.

In either case, people feature in the fact or are drawn into the fiction – and this Once Upon a Lifetime service aims to make the most of that for you, by allowing YOU to feature as that person in YOUR OWN story, a unique tale starring you and about you – and one that can even be published and placed on the electronic shelves of none other than Amazon.


On the fictional side, how many times have you read a story and thought ‘I wish I was there?’. Well this Once Upon a Lifetime service can bring an even greater opportunity your way – for you to take part in your own unique fictional short story – as star, supporting cast member or even an observer. You choose the genre from fantasy to erotica, you choose the role from hero to robot drone (anonymously or otherwise), and you choose the broad outline of the story itself. We write it for you and present it back as a truly unique story – and just like any short tale, it can be published on Amazon as an e-book for you to share.

On the factual side, we can help you star in a permanent and professional biographical account of the day and all that led up to it. It will record your story and your words in a documentary style, and could incorporate your favourite photos of the occasion, and be forever available to you – capturing the event for posterity. The whole thing could even be published on Amazon as an e-book to be shared amongst family and friends – and even be available to complete strangers – so that the day and its background stories can be shared for all time.


Whether fiction or fact, the story will normally be a few thousand words long but can be lengthened if required, can have photographs or artwork added, and can even be produced in audio format. In either fact or fiction form, it will be a unique creation, for you or for a friend or family member – or for many people to enjoy. Professionally written and lovingly produced, it will be a permanent and personal – unique – story to treasure.

Now with its own dedicated website, too: ​http://www.onceuponalifetime.me.uk/

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