I try to publish a new post every week and the topics vary from the sublime to the faintly ridiculous. Or more accurately, from the faintly ridiculous to the bizarre.

My first post was back in May 2014, so there are plenty to choose from. To assist you in finding my words of wisdom (oh, do stop laughing quite so much), I've attempted  to arrange them in a fairly logical set of topics, and these can be accessed from the home page menu button of the WordPress site which is filling up rather quickly with them.

I read all comments I receive, and if the person leaving the remark also provides contact details then I will try to get back to them with a relevant response. Even apologies.

Savouring the power of the written word - and writing a few of my own

All of my blogs, in reverse publication date order, can be found by pressing the button below, and the menu on the front page provides access to a view of the posts organised by topic.

Late 2015 will see the addition of a number of longer pieces which are not strictly blogs, but will be published alongside these items.