Savouring the power of the written word - and writing a few of my own

And September 2015 saw the launch of:

A mysterious short story told by James Barclay and how his Lady Jane - Jana Safina - initially refuses his many advances.

It is also the story of at least two accidents, the Russian Imperial Court of Rasputin's day, and of an abiding - long abiding - love.

This is a romance with many a twist and turn - right to the last word...

Lady Jane

A Regency Club Short Story

A novella told from the viewpoint of the (very) elderly Chaz Jones who, when working as an ARP warden during World War 2, believes that he has discovered a ghost at a bomb site in the Old Kent Road.

Charlie, though, is no ghost. She's the love of his life - and a whole lot more besides.

This is a cockney romance, and an abiding mystery.

Charlie's Tale

A Ghost Story...?

This is the tragicomic story of a young man's efforts to find his feet in the bright new adult world he finds himself in. His efforts, also, to find his arms, his looks, his attire, his nerve - and a girlfriend.

Dogged by a scatty mother, a variety of friends and enemies, a cat called Astro, and a burning knowledge that he doesn't know what he really wants to do, Horace grows and matures. Not always in the directions he imagines, though.

The Diary of Horace Wilt

​Part 1 - The W-w-wonder Years

My first two books were published on August 27th 2015

​The Books